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Colored Handpoked Tattoos by ZzizziBoy

ZzizziBoy is a tattoo artist based in Seoul, Korea. He is specialised on handpoked style, adding touches of neon colors that give to his tattoos a bright look.

Check below a small selection of ZzizziBoy’s handpoked tattoos and find more on his Instagram.

#1 Handpoked Snake Tattoo

Handpoked Snake Tattoo by ZzizziBoy

#2 Umbrella and Clouds Tattoo

Umbrella and Clouds Tattoo by ZzizziBoy

#3 Clapperboard Tattoo on Ankle

Clapperboard Tattoo by ZzizziBoy

#4 Small Cat Tattoos on Forearm

Cat Tattoos by ZzizziBoy

#5 Puzzle Piece Tattoo

Puzzle Piece Tattoo by ZzizziBoy

#6 Lightning Bolt Tattoo on Arm

by ZzizziBoy

#7 Rocket and Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Rocket and Lightning Bolt Tatto by ZzizziBoy

#8 Tiny Eye Tattoo on Wrist

Tiny Eye Tattoo by ZzizziBoy

#9 Handpoked Airplane Tattoo

Handpoked Airplane Tattoo by ZzizziBoy

#10 Colored Little Paws Tattoo

Colored Little Paws Tattoo by ZzizziBoy

#11 Cool Girly Tattoo

Cool Girly Tattoo by ZzizziBoy

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